Videographer and Video Editor in New York City

Videographer and Video Editor in New York City

Videographer and Video Editor
in New York City
Videographer and Video Editor
in New York City
Videographer and
Video Editor
in New York City
DVD/Blu-ray Disc Menu Design, Encoding and Authoring

I offer professional DVD and Blu-ray Disc menu design, encoding and authoring services suitable for commercial release and worldwide distribution. I have over 20 years of experience producing hundreds of titles for organizations such as WNET Public Television in New York and for renowned international artists. My services include:

  • Custom menu design (still and motion) allowing the viewer to navigate easily throughout the disc to access content and other features
  • Commercial-quality video & audio encoding for premium titles
  • Affordable encoding for low volume titles
  • Subtitles in any language
  • Professional authoring for all titles

Click here to read about the differences between DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

I use high-end, feature-rich tools to create top-quality disc masters. All DVD/Blu-ray Disc masters are 100% compliant with the DVD/Blu-ray Disc specifications, guaranteeing compatibility with all major models of players on the market today. The following is a list of tools that I use for menu design, encoding, and authoring, and a brief description of each tool.

An Example of a DVD Root Menu

An Example of a Blu-ray Pop-up Menu

An Example of a Blu-ray Pop-up Chapter Menu

An Example of a Blu-ray Disc Motion Menu
Still and Motion Menu Design

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite is used to create the graphic elements for the DVD/Blu-ray Disc menus. Photoshop is used to design still menus, and After Effects is used for motion menus. The menus are then checked for color accuracy using a broadcast monitor.

All menus are designed from scratch, as opposed to using pre-designed templates. Menus can be custom-tailored to your specific needs, and the following menu types can be created:

  • Root Menu – this is the first menu you see on the disc, and usually has a Play button as well as a Chapters button (which allows you to access other scenes on the disc).
  • Chapter Menus – these menus are used to help the viewer navigate to each scene on the disc, in addition to using the NEXT or PREV buttons on your remote control.
  • Pop-Up Menus (exclusive to Blu-ray Disc) – while watching the film, you can access a pop-up menu, which can take you to other scenes on the disc, or access special features, for example.
  • Still or Motion Menus – menus can contain either a still image, or a video clip playing in the background. Motion menus look much more appealing than still menus and can make a huge difference in terms of the quality of your presentation.

If your project requires both a DVD and a Blu-ray, it also requires that separate menus be created. The formats of DVDs and Blu-rays are different - Blu-ray menus use five times more pixels than DVD menus. It is possible to use the same fonts, photos and graphics; however, they will need to be adjusted accordingly. It is not possible to simply copy a DVD menu and make it a Blu-ray menu instantly, or vice-versa.

DVD Encoding Using Cinema Craft

Blu-ray Encoding Using Adobe Media Encoder
DVD Encoding

Cinema Craft® Encoder SP3

Cinema Craft® Encoder SP3 is an MPEG-2 encoder for DVD that creates the ultimate level of picture quality in the DVD production industry.

Click here to read more about CINEMA CRAFT® Encoder SP3.

Blu-ray Disc Encoding

Sony Blu-code™ (BAE-VX1000)

Sony Blu-code™ (BAE-VX1000) is a high-quality Blu-ray Disc encoder that creates both H.264 AVC and MPEG-2 Blu-ray-compliant video streams and provides a wide range of features to customize the encoding process and realize maximum workflow efficiencies.

Adobe Media Encoder

I use Adobe Media Encoder for Blu-ray encoding if you are on a tight budget and want to produce your title on Blu-ray. Adobe Media Encoder provides top Blu-ray picture quality. All the features of Blu-ray can still be implemented using this alternative encoder. For customers who intend on releasing their title for commercial release and worldwide distribution, I recommend Sony Blu-Code for superior video quality.

DVD Authoring Using Scenarist SD

Blu-ray Authoring Using Scenarist BD
DVD Authoring

Scenarist® SD

Scenarist SD® is the worldwide standard for professional DVD authoring. Combining industry-leading power with field-proven player compatibility, this DVD authoring software allows me to take full creative advantage of all that DVD has to offer.

Click here to read more about Scenarist® SD.

Blu-ray Disc Authoring

Scenarist® BD

Scenarist® BD is a comprehensive suite of powerful Blu-ray Disc creation tools to create stunning Blu‑ray Disc titles that my customers demand. The Scenarist Workgroup is the choice of Hollywood's top Blu-ray Disc creation and production facilities. Its unique combination of powerful authoring and a tried-and-tested multiplexing engine powers the majority of commercial Blu-ray Disc releases.

Click here to read more about Scenarist® BD.

DVD/Blu-ray Disc Case Design

A Commercial-Release Blu-ray
Sold on Amazon
DVD/Blu-ray Disc Case Design, Duplication and Replication

I design the artwork for your DVD or Blu-ray Disc case and manufacture the discs to your desired quantity. The artwork includes the wraparound cover as well as the actual disc face label. In addition to that, you can also add an insert which can highlight all the chapters (tracks) on the disc.

There are two methods that are involved in manufacturing discs - duplication and replication. Duplication is more suitable for those that need lower quantities, which helps reduce cost. These discs are manufactured using computer disc burners.

Replication is more suitable for commercial release and has a minimum requirement of 1,000 copies. These discs are manufactured from a molding machine and offer higher compatibility with disc players. Click here to learn more about the different methods.

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