Videographer and Video Editor in New York City

Videographer and Video Editor in New York City

Videographer and Video Editor
in New York City
Videographer and Video Editor
in New York City
Videographer and
Video Editor
in New York City
Newsletter - October 2013
In this Issue:
  • The Importance of Recording High-Quality Audio When Filming Music
  • Video Editing Fees - A Customer-Friendly Improved Policy
  • Five Steps to Reduce Cost of Producing a DVD or Blu-ray Disc
The Importance of Recording High-Quality Audio When Filming Music

In recent years, more and more musicians have been filming their performances and creating DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Furthermore, performers and students are often required now to send DVDs to festival auditions and school applications. This is why recording high-quality audio is paramount for the success of these videos.

By far the biggest technical shortcoming of many videos is the audio quality. Although the most important part of filming a recital or a performer's audition is the audio quality, many performers are not aware that even the most expensive video cameras cannot record high-quality audio. When recording audio through the camera's microphones, the operator will place the camera at the best position to capture video, but this probably won't be the best position for capturing audio.

When filming the performance with the camera's microphones that are far away from the sound source, the recording may pick up camera and audience noise and will produce shallow audio.

There are two main effective techniques to improve the audio quality of your video recordings:

  • Ask your videographer to use external microphones and plug them into the video camera's microphone inputs. Make sure that your videographer's camera has XLR inputs. Applying this method with high-quality microphones makes a huge difference. Furthermore, placing the external microphones at carefully selected locations near the sound source can add depth to the recorded audio and reduce audience and camera noise.
  • When filming with several cameras and a higher quality audio recording is required, hire dedicated audio producers. They are most recommended when filming in a concert hall or in a studio, and for commercial video and audio productions.

Click on the two video clips to listen to their high-quality audio tracks. I filmed the first clip with two cameras; the audio was recorded by the venue's audio producer, as well as my recording equipment. I filmed the second clip with two cameras at Princeton University, with audio recorded by Princeton University's' audio producer.

Example of a high-quality audio recording

Example of a high-quality audio recording

Joseph Patrych, a well-known audio producer based in New York, explains that "a very important component of a good video is good audio. The camera microphones only provides basic compressed audio; it is not a professional quality audio. This is why an audio producer well versed in video and also recording is an important asset to a successful video production."

Video Editing Fees - A Customer-Friendly Improved Policy

Generally, recording studios bill their customers for video editing and mastering on an hourly rate because video editing is time consuming and many customers make endless changes until they are happy with the final results. However, if a customer has a fixed budget for the whole video project, he would like to receive a fixed-price cost for the whole project. He does not want to be surprised by additional unexpected editing costs beyond his or her original estimates and budget. To address these concerns I revised my editing pricing to accommodate fixed-price projects without breaking the bank. Now my editing services are priced as follows:

  • I quote a fixed price based on the customer's edit decision list. This list contains all the editing requirements necessary for the project.
  • After I receive the customer's edit decision list, I create for him a master (Version 1) and ask him to review it thoroughly and suggest changes.
  • After I receive the customer's suggested changes, I implement those changes and then create a new master (Version 2), and ask the customer to review it again.
  • At that point, unless I made a mistake with implementing one or more of the Version 2 changes, the editing process is final.
  • If for whatever reason the customer wants to make additional changes beyond the final Version 2, I will provide the customer with a quote for implementing the new changes and implement them upon the customer's approval.
Five Steps to Reduce Cost of Producing a DVD or Blu-ray Disc

The five steps outlined below will help you produce a professional DVD or Blu-ray disc at an affordable price. Jerome Rose, a distinguished pianist, used this methodology to produce eight DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Mr. Rose's recent exceptional Blu-ray disc was released on September 24, 2013. Click on the image below to view additional information about this Blu-ray disc on Amazon. Mr. Rose's eighth video release followed another amazing milestone this year: the 15th anniversary of the International Keyboard Festival (IKIF), which Mr. Rose founded and has directed since 1999.

Step 1: Selecting a Place to Record

The selected place must have a relaxed and pleasant environment, excellent acoustics, and should be visually appealing. If you are a pianist, confirm that you will have access to first class pianos with an on-site technician and tuner. Make sure that your preferred place allows you to bring your own audio engineer with his recording equipment. Your audio engineer and the equipment that he uses will have a significant impact on the recorded audio quality and cost of your recording.

Step 2: Reduce Video and Audio Production Cost

Video and audio production, which involves filming with multiple cameras and professional audio equipment, are the key to achieving the audio and video quality that you desire. Because the production step is billed on an hourly rate, it is important that you decide ahead of time how much time you want to spend on correcting mistakes. I highly recommend the perfectionists to set up in advance a time limit for their production phase because otherwise, they may exceed their budget very quickly.

Step 3: Reduce Editing and Mastering Costs

Because editing and mastering are billed on an hourly rate, it is important to choose (if possible) an editor with a musical background. An editor who understands the music can choose for you the best takes, combine them into a single performance, and create for you the recording master. Minimizing your interaction with the editor saves you many hours of editing time and reduces the cost of editing. The edited master is encoded either to the DVD-Video or Blu-ray Disc format, which becomes your final disc master. The disc can contain multiple menus, allowing the viewer to select certain portions (chapters) of your performance, as well as bonus features, such as an interview featuring yourself or other information you'd like to add on the disc.

Click on the image above to play a sample from this Blu-ray.
Step 4: Reduce Artwork and Manufacturing Costs

The fourth step is to design the artwork for your DVD or Blu-ray Disc case and manufacture the discs to your desired quantity. The artwork includes the wraparound cover as well as the actual disc face label. In addition to that, you can also add an insert which can highlight all the chapters (tracks) on the disc. Because the price range for designing artwork is widespread, I suggest that you would ask your graphic designer to quote you with a fixed price for the design. Do not agree to hourly rates because you may end up paying much more than you budgeted for.

Step 5: Reduce Distribution Cost and Sell your DVD or Blu-ray Disc on Amazon

The fifth and final step is to sell your DVD or Blu-ray Disc on Amazon or other places. Amazon provides individual seller accounts, order fulfillment and distribution of your title. Amazon charges a commission rate plus a flat fee, in addition to the fees it charges to store your records in their warehouse, which is calculated by weight. Click here for more detailed pricing information regarding Amazon's costs. There are two methods that are involved in manufacturing discs - duplication and replication. Duplication is more suitable for those that need lower quantities, which helps reduce cost. These discs are manufactured using computer disc burners. Replication is more suitable for commercial release and has a minimum requirement of 1,000 copies. These discs are manufactured from a molding machine and offer higher compatibility with disc players.

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