Videographer and Video Editor in New York City

Videographer and Video Editor in New York City

Videographer and Video Editor
in New York City
Videographer and Video Editor
in New York City
Videographer and
Video Editor
in New York City
Newsletter - February 2014
In this Issue:
  • How to Promote and Distribute Your Video on the Internet
  • How to Reduce Your Video Post-Production Cost
How to Promote and Distribute Your Video on the Internet

Until several years ago, creating a DVD or a Blu-ray Disc was the main method for storing and distributing video. DVDs and Blu-ray discs are interactive, contain menu structures and titles, store hours of video, play back on DVD/Blu-ray players, and deliver the best video quality. In addition to storing and distributing video content using DVDs or Blu-ray discs, you can use various tools and sites on the internet to help you promote and share your video with potentially millions of viewers at a low cost. There are three ways to share your video with others on the internet.

  • Live Video Streaming
  • Online Video Sharing
  • Video Streaming and Download
Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming services allow artists to broadcast their concerts, master classes, festivals, competitions, and other events globally over the internet to thousands of viewers. Click here to read an article that I featured in the June 2013 newsletter about the benefits of live streaming video concerts.

To make the process easy on my customers, I provide the artist with an internet link a few weeks before the concert. This link can be placed on his or her website with instructions to click on it to view the live webcast. After posting the link on the artist's website, the artist can email the link (or the link's website location) to his potential viewers and inform them about the upcoming webcast.

Click on the image above to view the quality of live streaming
Online Video Sharing

There are many video websites that allow you to upload your video and share it with others. However, YouTube is by far the most popular website with the largest number of people who post videos and hundreds of millions of people who watch them. YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google. Artists that want their music or performance to be found by millions of people must have a presence on YouTube.

YouTube features and benefits:

  • It is free. You or your videographer can upload your videos and watch them at no cost to you. Because YouTube is owned by Google, you can be assured that it will maintain its high level of quality and features.
  • It is the most popular video site with the largest number of viewers and can be watched on all the latest platforms such as desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and more.
  • Your video can go viral. What this means is that if your video is exceptional, thousands of other people will be sharing your video globally with their friends or other people they know. YouTube supports channels that allow artists to build a fan base.
  • You can share your video to friends or potential artists' managers by clicking on the Email tab. When the person receives the email, they go immediately to that page and can watch your video right away. Furthermore, you can share your video easily with all the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • You can embed the video onto your website by using the YouTube player. While watching the video, you can click on the YouTube logo to go directly to that video on the YouTube website. By storing all your videos on YouTube instead of storing them on your web hosting provider's computer, you reduce your web hosting costs, saving you potentially hundreds of dollars in web space and streaming traffic.
  • YouTube optimizes the video quality to allow people with slower internet connections to watch your video properly.
  • You can upload the entire video master and add a title and description, as well as specific “meta tags” that make it easier to find your video on the search results. In the description of the video, you can have a link to your website so the viewer can learn more about you.
  • People can write comments about your video as well as “likes”, which can give you feedback on the popularity of your video.
  • Monetization: You can allow ads to be placed on your video, or place links yourself to drive traffic to other websites or shopping carts to purchase your music.
  • You can view statistics which show you how many people viewed your video as well as where.
Video Streaming and Download

Video streaming and download refers to the transfer of video from a remote computer or website to a user's internet-connected local desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or other smart device. Video playback can start immediately when the streaming starts, or after the whole video is downloaded. The video that you want to stream to other people or have them download may also be located on someone else's website.

A couple of years ago, Amazon added a movie internet streaming service similar to the Netflix streaming video website. The new service is called "Amazon Instant Video" and it opened an incredible opportunity for performers to market their video to millions of people. Now musicians can make their video available as a high-quality download on Amazon Instant Video.

Customers can choose from Download to Own or Download to Rent purchasing options while the artist earns significant royalties from each sale.

Click on the image above to view how
Amazon Instant Video features a title

Amazon Instant Video features and benefits:

  • You can stream your video on any device, pause, and then resume watching straight from the same scene using Amazon Whispersync. Whispersync remembers your last scene watched across all your apps and devices, so you can avoid the frustration of having to find your spot.
  • Purchased and rented titles are stored in the cloud in Your Video Library, so you can access them anywhere you go, in any Amazon Instant Video app.
  • The Amazon Instant Video store offers instant streaming online, on Kindle Fire, as well as iPad, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Roku, and hundreds of TVs, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.
  • The quality of the video is very good, and you earn royalties from each stream or download.
  • The most important part of using Amazon Instant Video is that you earn a royalty every time customers buy or rent your title. According to Amazon, you receive 50% of the purchase or rental price of your title.
  • Because Amazon Instant Video is owned by Amazon, you can be assured that it will maintain its high level of quality and features.
Download From Your Own Website

Although Amazon Instant Video is a great way to promote your video to a large audience, you may choose to distribute your music video using your website and save the 50% fees that Amazon is charging. Furthermore, you can use Amazon Instant Video and this method concurrently to further increase the number of viewers.

Hosting your videos on your website and allowing people to download and view them allows you to control the download web page appearance and deliver advertising-free content. Moreover, you can charge the viewer a fee to stream the video, or to download the video into the viewer's computer, and watch it at a later time.

How to Reduce Your Video Post-Production Cost

Until now, most of the video and audio recordings that I produce were delivered to customers either on a DVD or a Blu-ray disc as a part of the video project cost. However, customers who decided to distribute and store their video using the internet did not always have a good use for their DVD or Blu-ray disc. In addition, some customers with lower budgets who did not need a DVD or Blu-ray disc asked me to provide them with prices that do not include the creation of a DVD or Blu-ray disc master.

I listened to my customers and now provide basic packages which are tailored to customers’ budgets. Instead of having to pay an entire package which includes the disc master, the artist can pay a lower price to have the video transferred to a portable 4K Ultra HD video files. This significantly reduces the cost of post-production. Should the artist need to have an edited DVD or Blu-ray Disc, he can invest in that at a later time.

4K Ultra HD video files contain the best quality video directly from the camera's sensor. It also includes the professional audio as well, avoiding any additional work required to synchronize the sound with the picture. The professional audio can come either from external microphones or from the concert venue directly, or from a professional audio engineer. For more information about these digital packages, please feel free to contact me at 917-715-8755.

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