Videographer and Video Editor in New York City

Videographer and Video Editor in New York City

Videographer and Video Editor
in New York City
Videographer and Video Editor
in New York City
Videographer and
Video Editor
in New York City
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I am a member of the viol consort, Parthenia, who have mounted an annual concert series in New York City since 1999. Asaf Blasberg started filming our concerts in early 2020 and we got to know each other well during the two years of all-virtual concert seasons during the pandemic shutdown, when he helped us get old videos into shape for public viewing.

Asaf is a stalwart colleague in addition to being a very talented videographer. He provides beautifully edited videos with remarkable efficiency, he keeps us on track to provide him with the information he needs, and he is kind, helpful and expert. I personally enjoy our comfortable relationship as much as the beautiful work he supplies. And I greatly admire his talent as a pianist.

Having a musician film our shows really helps refine the editing to bring out the best in Parthenia's performances for online viewing.

Lisa Terry

Asaf Blasberg is the best videographer I have worked with. His attention to detail and desire for perfection make him the ideal choice for any artist who wants a product of the highest quality. The fact that he is himself an accomplished performer and an insightful musician adds tremendously to his gifts as an editor; he understands how music should be complemented by image and realizes that fusion with ease and elegance. Having worked with him on several projects, I can say without any reservations that his professional skills are unsurpassed.

Matei Varga

Asaf is such a kind hearted and talented professional! He captured my solo show with a keen artistic eye and his editing instincts were terrific. I also appreciate Asaf’s quick turn around time and wonderful communication style. I highly recommend hiring him for all of your video and post editing needs as he’s a dream to work with.

Sundeep Morrison

Working with Asaf has been a true pleasure. Being a professional musician himself, he is truly sensitive to capturing every small nuance of the performance. His editing work is sublime and his overall work ethic and demeanor is efficient.

I have already recommended Asaf to so many of my colleagues and students who wish to have a video shoot of a very high quality.

Karine Poghosyan

We surveyed a number of professional videographers in the New York City area to record my son’s piano recital upon his high school graduation. Asaf was our number one choice. He did such a masterful job with regards to video/audio recording, editing and Blu-ray Disc authoring. We are more than delighted to have chosen Asaf for our project.

A major reason for us to choose Asaf is his background in classical music training at Juilliard. His intimate familiarity with the music allows him to use his camera angles and zooms to highlight the key elements of the music, playing authoritatively and to accentuate the musicality artfully.

He brings this mastery to post-production - specifically with video and audio editing. In particular, he also accommodated an editing request from my son which might not go so smoothly with another videographer lacking in-depth classical music training.

We are highly impressed by Asaf’s professionalism. He genuinely wants to produce the best products for his clients, and is willing to do the extra work when necessary and without delay. He is punctual, responds promptly, and works hard.

Needless to say, his final product is of supreme quality! We will definitely use Asaf again when the occasion arises. If you are looking for a professional videographer to record your musical or any other performances, look no further!

Xiang Li

Asaf was an absolute gem to work with. He was incredibly clear and open about costs and about executing his recording so that it was exactly what I needed. His questions and openness make him such a rare partner in this industry. Not only does my recording look incredible and fit all my needs exactly as I had requested, Asaf was also incredibly supportive on the day of the shoot. He is an artist I most certainly desire to work with again in the future.

Kate Smith
Creator, Performer, Writer, Composer, and Producer of One Woman Hamlet Shake(speare) - The Stigma on Mental Health

Asaf’s work has been key to my success with The Liaisons Project, thanks to his lush and professional recordings of everything from work sample footage to full concerts. His unique combination of technical artistry and aesthetic perspective enabled me to create highly effective promotional and archival materials to share with grant panels, record labels and booking venues, all of whom have remarked on its excellent quality. Promotional and archival footage are two of the most important things an artist (or producer) can have, and Asaf’s work makes for the best of both!

Rachel Colbert
The Liaisons Project

Asaf Blasberg helped make the completion of my DVD/Blu-ray Disc project possible. It is rare to find an experienced videographer with such vast knowledge on DVD/Blu-ray Disc authoring and video/audio editing, who is also an accomplished musician himself. Asaf is reliable, trustworthy and prompt, and I am grateful for his passion and hard work in helping create this beautiful box set.

Lisa Yui
Faculty, Manhattan School of Music

I've had the pleasure of working with Asaf to capture my performances on two occasions, and both times the results were stellar and his skills and professionalism were absolutely top-notch. As a performer, you have so much to focus on so you generally cannot give much thought to things like video. Asaf slips right in and basically takes care of everything, even the things you haven't thought of. He has the knowledge of his craft to know every aspect of what is needed and just does it, without you even asking. He is excellent. I will definitely be using him again.

Aimée Allen

Asaf is an absolute pleasure to work with. His professionalism, punctuality, and genuine care set him apart. He is informed by his own musicality and is concerned with creating the best possible project for his clients. I am more than satisfied and highly recommend Mr. Blasberg for your next event.

Robert Rossi
Singer and Guitarist

I’m so glad Asaf was the first recommendation made by the venue I was about to perform at. I had to look no further! He was very professional, punctual and knowledgeable. As a fellow pianist, I didn’t have to worry about how he would capture the hands just right. He’s also very friendly and personable. It’s not often you find someone with all the traits I just mentioned. The final product was just what I had hoped for, and facilitated with great technical integrity. It’s a joy working with him and I’m already thinking about the next time. Asaf - thank you!

Joe Heinemann

I was fortunate to have Asaf Blasberg author my Blu-ray Disc and DVD project. His efficient and artistic manner was part of the pleasure of the process, and I was delighted when he agreed to invest in the equipment needed to meet my very high audio demands for authoring the concert video. When dealing with the manufacturing plant, Asaf took a direct, proactive stance in resolving several issues, and this resulted in making all my production deadlines. I will look forward to working with Asaf again, and I have already recommended his services to several other clients.

Charlie Bertini
AppleJazz Records

Asaf was amazing, professional and very knowledgeable. He was fast and dedicated, and very respectful of my needs for the videos. He was patient and he handled all my requests with utmost care. He has a great artistic eye and takes initiative. He made the process much easier and enjoyable for me, as I did not have to worry about anything during and after my concert. He gave me a brilliant finished product. I look forward to having Asaf collaborate with me in the future. Thank you!

Gian-Carla Tisera

I first became aware of Asaf when he authored a live music Blu-ray and DVD that I was one of the performers on. Since then he has been my go-to Blu-ray author for two Mary Fahl surround Blu-rays that I produced (both of which won Best Immersive Recording awards), and for my own new album, which features high-resolution stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos mixes.

Besides his high standards, thoroughness and efficiency, he was a strong advocate for me whenever it became necessary to intercede with the mastering or manufacturing houses to keep the project on track.

I look forward to many more projects with Asaf.

Mark Doyle

Asaf Blasberg's videography captured the integrity of my musical performance. His judicious choices of perspective and lighting fit the mood of the music and the sound quality was superior. His advantage lies in his experience as an accomplished classical musician; his familiarity with repertoire and understanding of musicians' movements contributes to effective videography.

Joe Shippee

I must say....Asaf is great. You want your videos done right? You want your show documented for all times? He's the guy to call. Asaf, I love your work and I love working with you. So I wish you the absolute best and I will recommend you to everyone.

Carlton J. Smith
R&B Artist & Singer

Asaf Blasberg was a pleasure to work with. Mr. Blasberg's camera work was varied, interesting, and tastefully appropriate, and his musical knowledge makes him very unique among video producers and videographers, making editing quick and easy. Mr. Blasberg responded promptly to email and phone correspondence and often provided helpful suggestions during our work together. I would definitely recommend Asaf Blasberg to others and look forward to future business.

Bryan Wallick

Asaf's videography work is fantastic. The recordings are clear, and clean with excellent sound quality. His work allows true artistry and creativity to shine, and as an artist you can be assured that everyone will see the performance exactly as it was. Watching his work, you feel as though you are sitting right there in the audience, since the work is so refined and well-crafted.

I've tried to cut corners and have friends and family shoot videos, but there is no comparison. Asaf offers something truly great at an affordable price. He not only does good work, but he is encouraging and easy to work with. Musicians! Look no further. This is a true artist with video - and as a musician he knows exactly how we want to be represented on the internet. I will definitely use him again next time I need a show recorded, and I will encourage others to work with him as well!

Allegra Levy

I can't say enough about how wonderful Asaf is to work with, as well as seriously talented at bringing out the best a performer has to give. He is organized, speedy, prompt, and well-priced -- In fact, I'm so happy he stayed on me because with anyone else, it probably would have taken a full month to get the clips up, and same with me knowing how busy I am. With Asaf, it's within 2 days! He is sensitive as to when to pan in and out, showcase my band or just me, and edits beautifully. I'm so grateful for his work, and know I have gotten other gigs because of the artistry behind the clips he's done for me. Looking forward to working with him again!

Joelle Lurie

Each year, I run a live three-day seminar conference in the New York City area that requires a multi-camera, live edit video shoot. In the past, I've gone with the cheapest guys I found through some website. This year, I stumbled upon Asaf Blasberg. Seeing the depth of his knowledge and capabilities on his website does not compare to the experience and final product that was rendered.

It is very rare to find not just someone who cares about your production and business model, but about you and your clients. Asaf was so incredibly talented and intuitive of my needs and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Was he the cheapest video guy? No. But after speaking with him for a few minutes by phone, I knew this was a match. That very day, he followed up with several emails, not only addressing my concerns, but thinking of issues that I hadn't even thought of yet.

This type of excellent service continued from pre-event, through the entire three-day seminar, and in the very minor post-production that was required. While costing a bit more on the front end, Asaf probably saved me thousands of dollars in unnecessary post production.

Be sure to ask him about multi-camera, live editing, live streaming, or just about anything you need having to do with video production.

The hunt for your best videographer experience stops here.

Lou Edwards
Group Travel Expert
LinkedIn Profile

I met Asaf Blasberg just a few short months ago, in preparation for Paul Marinaro's debut concert at Birdland New York, I have been simply blown away by Asaf's professionalism, flexibility, and technical mastery, all aided greatly by his obvious love and knowledge of music.

We were in the process of making a film about Paul, and it was imperative that we get a truly professional recording of his performance for use in the film, as well as potential musical releases.

As a professional musician himself, and one very familiar with the Birdland venue, Asaf was the perfect choice. He immediately put us at ease with his comfortable style, knowledge and expertise.

When Paul requested separate audio tracks to ensure the best sound possible, Asaf creatively found a way to accomplish that, producing, in Paul's words "Fantastic" sound!

Asaf provided us with a two-camera filming and a multi-track audio recording from the venue's digital mixer, allowing maximum flexibility in producing films and audio tracks from the performance. As a bonus, he produced one complete clip with audio so that Paul could go up on Facebook almost immediately following the concert with a great clip for his fans who could not attend.

All in all, tremendous technical AND artistic work by Asaf.

Thanks Asaf!

Bob Williams
Films for Good

I just wanted you to know that your footage, specifically your camera work, is really terrific. The shots and angles for my solos are exactly what I like, and the way you varied it throughout the performance was also spot on. The fixed shots were great also, and I'm very happy with everything. I look forward to doing more of this in the future as well. Thank you so much for initiating contact with me. I'm very impressed!

Chris Rogers

Asaf came to my rescue by filming two of my concerts at different venues. One was with very short notice. He is very respectful and works to get you the finished product as quickly as possible, which is always very appreciated. It's great that he is also a musician. Thanks, Asaf!

Karen Luschar

Working with Asaf Blasberg is a joy because he is extremely efficient and really goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy. Also, because he is a pianist himself, he has a high degree of familiarity with the piano repertoire, and therefore has a lot of helpful experience and knowledge to offer when working with him. I highly recommend his services and hope to use his services again in the future.

Jean Park

I hired Asaf to video my show. His instincts of capturing the show, without having seen it, set in motion a perfectly captured experience of the show. Our subsequent collaboration as we set to assemble a promo of that show went just as smoothly. Hands down, no questions asked, I'd recommend his services without a moment's hesitation. Thank you Asaf. Looking forward to more creative collaboration!

Tim Connell
Actor, Singer, Theatre Arts Faciliator

From the first contact to the final product, Asaf has been a complete professional. Creating a Blu-ray disc is no small feat and he made the process as painless as possible. Our project was very different than most Blu-ray discs as we had 160 little movies. This is a far cry from what most people would create. I was actually surprised at the speed of his work, sending me a test file sooner than I would have ever expected. If you are looking for someone to author your Blu-ray disc, look no further, Asaf will get the job done.

Channa De Silva
CEO, Spatial Group

Asaf Blasberg was very personable and quick to respond. He puts performers at ease. He uses high quality equipment that he knows how to use… I could sing and not worry about the rest. He’s definitely a problem solver and provided good explanations as we worked through different aspects of the project. I would definitely work with him again.

Keith Harris

We have had the privilege of working with Asaf Blasberg on both a live public concert and a private studio recording. In both cases we were struck by Asaf’s professionalism, friendliness, energy, and clarity in communication. He has a proactive approach to making sure things run smoothly, going beyond what would normally be expected of a videographer. Asaf is a fine musician who understands musical structures, and this comes through in his footage and editing. We recommend him highly.

Matthew Quayle & Jameson Platte
Cello-Piano Duo

I found Asaf by chance online when a friend who was supposed to film our concert suddenly had to cancel. From the very first contact he was quick, smart, accommodating and professional.

His work has been considerate and of high quality. As a classical musician it meant so much to me that Asaf is himself a musician and has a deep understanding and sensitivity about what it means to film and record a concert.

I knew that I could trust his instincts and that we spoke the same language and that he could understand my requests. In my experience it's a real skill to be able to film a concert and I am really grateful to have found Asaf. I'm very happy with the work he did for us and look forward to working with him again in the future!

Colin Pip Dixon
Violinist, Composer, Director
The Elsewhere Ensemble
Photo: Sarah Adams

Asaf's communication is quick, effective and clear. He is more than willing to explain his scope of services and cater a unique plan to suit your needs. And in our instance, he was able to turn around a clip for a large scale touring application within a matter of hours. I would highly recommend Asaf for those who want high quality and very affordable video that can be used for a multiple of purposes.

David Lobel
Photo: Stephen Pruitt

Dance Conservatory Performance Project hired Asaf Blasberg to videotape our annual spring gala at Symphony Space's Peter Norton Theater. The lighting can be very challenging, as our various choreographers have different requirements. Asaf took it in stride and delivered, a few days later, within deadlines, the exact perfect master DVD we needed. It was the first time we worked together: Asaf was very good at listening to our concerns and taking them into account, from taping to inserting chapters and text on the DVD. This may very well be the beginning of a long and mutually fruitful business collaboration between Asaf Blasberg and DCPP. Thank you Asaf, see you in December at Symphony Space, for our Nutcracker!

Valentina Kozlova
Founder and Artistic Director
Dance Conservatory Performance Project

Asaf Blasberg is a master of his trade. He is both hard working and a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely work again with him, as well as recommend him to my colleagues in the future.

Elena Ulyanova

Asaf Blasberg seems to have a third eye that enables him to capture not just the crystal-clear image but the unseen spirit of a live event-- not an easy trick for even the skilled videographer. His work is technically superb. I recommend him highly.

Mark N. Grant

Good camerawork is often taken for granted in classical music footage. Mr. Blasberg is an artist with the camera, improvising a visual plan that complements the music beautifully, adding drama to the listening experience. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking to make a professional-level document of his or her playing--at an affordable price. He is very attentive to detail, organized to make best use out of studio time, and his deep knowledge of music sets him apart from other videographers I have worked with. I would definitely work with Mr. Blasberg again for my next video recording.

Eric Clark

My thanks to Asaf Blasberg whose musical knowledge, sensitivity and technical expertise has allowed the artistry of pianist Jerome Rose to blossom on video. These important performances of the great piano repertoire can now be seen by a world-wide audience.

Julie Kedersha
Executive Producer
Medici Classics Productions

Asaf, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful work you did for me concerning the recording of my live Town Hall Recital in January. You created an atmosphere of harmony and calm - which for a performer is so important and contributes immensely. The end product is first class, and I am thrilled with the outcome. I look forward happily to our future collaboration. All my best.

Peter Orth

Asaf Blasberg is first class in every regard. I couldn't be happier with all aspects of the taping and results. From the HD quality video and the very impressive sound quality to the video editing and DVD authoring, including the website design, your work was truly outstanding. Totally superior professional quality on the highest level. Many thanks to Asaf Blasberg!

Andre Liigand
Pianist and Composer

Asaf Blasberg has done a marvelous job creating the performance video of the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony's latest concert. He is a perfectionist and does what is necessary to complete the project on time with a high standard of work product. I look forward to working with him again on future projects.

David Bernard
Music Director and Conductor
Park Avenue Chamber Symphony

I first became acquainted with the sterling talents of Asaf Blasberg when I brought to them a project that had been already shot and needed touches of editing and final production assistance. Asaf Blasberg proved that he combines the imagination, insight, technical know-how, and uniquely qualified musical depth to transform our initial shooting to a professional and transfixing final product. The quality of the editing was excellent.

I was impressed with Asaf's professionalism, reliability, flexibility, and speed. Asaf's team exceeded our expectations and I am extremely pleased with the final results. I would be delighted to speak to anybody who might want to hear about my experiences first hand. Asaf was very responsive to our needs and I am grateful as much as I stand in admiration of his talents and professionalism.

James H. Keegan
Owner and CEO
JHK Entertainment
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